Where to Vegan Halloween in Austin

Bruja’s Brew Kombucha food trailer.
Bruja’s Brew Kombucha food trailer.

Don’t be bummed because the Austin Public Health office rated trick-or-treating a high-risk Halloween activity. If anything, it’s the perfect excuse to skip the tricks and go straight for the treats.

Before we started gathering Austin’s “treat” options, we thought we’d only get a handful of posts to share. To our surprise, we learned that VEGANS LOVE HALLOWEEN (« might be an understatement)!

Don’t believe us? Check out this list. But before you do, be sure to find a special monster “mash” surprise at the end.

Bone-a-fide Vegan Bistro

A bone-a-fide Halloween treat by the Bone-a-fide Vegan Bistro.

Bruja’s Brew Kombucha

It’s like BBK was made for Halloween.

Bunny’s Cake Shop

Vegan zombies don’t want your brains. They want your GRAINS!

Capital City Bakery

Can you blush and get spooked at the same time? I think we just did.

Counter Culture

The Counter Culture crew say, “Come play with us.” Eek!

Cute Nail Studio

Trick-or-treat yourself to some cute ghost nails.

Fat Cats Coffee & Desserts

These sugar cookies look frightfully good!

Gati Ice Cream

Good thing October’s in Austin are warm. But to be honest, we’d even get ice cream if the weather was cold.


Enter a vegan and spooky grave-away. Aww. Cute “vegan things.”

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Only a few days left until Halloween! 👻🖤

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I.S. Sushi

I.S. Sushi brings Austin a pop-up that won’t scare you away.

Love Joy Bakery

Love Joy Bakery’s biscotti is a perfect ofrenda for Dia de Los Muertos.

Milky Way Shakes

Don’t look now, but I think the International Spice Station is haunted. Note: Milky Way Shakes will be closed on Halloween.

Mr. Natural

Dia de los Muertos never looked so yummy.

Pie Jacked

Are “Boo Bundles” supposed to make you drool. Maybe we’re the monsters!

Possum Pizza

I must be Pac Man because these are ghosts I could eat!

Rabbit Food Grocery

Feed your socially-distanced ghouls with a Rabbit Food Grocery haul.

Pie Jacked

You won’t get spooked by these too-cute-to-be-scary pie toppers, but you will enjoy eating them!

Plow Bao

Why don’t you chick’n satay your way to Plow Bao and pick up some Halloween flair and and cookies by Vegan Cookie KungFu KittyKat (not pictured).

Skull & Cakebones

Aww! Who could be scared of such a cute cupcake!


We’re sure you’ve heard of slasher movies. Well if this special were a movie, it’d be a flamer. Get it while it’s hot. Note: only available at the Sundaze South location.

Visit Possum Park

Decorate your space with this dapper Visit Possum Park decal.

Unicorniverse Vegan Bakery

Candy corn macarons, anyone? Yum-mo!

Zucchini Kill Bakery

Do get your donuts from the queen of macabre, Zucchini Kill Bakery.

Outside of Austin?

You can also find vegan treats through these affiliated Amazon links (they help keep the lights on and the ghosts away). Here’s what we recommend:

As promised, enjoy this year’s popular William Maranci monster “mash” up, “Beastie Boys – Intergalactic But It’s Ghostbusters by Ray Parker Jr.


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